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Expressway is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, to be a great place to work, and a thoughtful steward in our community. At Expressway we drive growth and customer satisfaction with our World-Class transportation services. We will passionately promote ethics and professionalism within our industry while enhancing our own competitive advantage.

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Being a leader in the multi-modal transportation industry by focusing on customers, our people, innovation and communication in logistical transportation solutions.

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TIA Certified Freight Transportation Company

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Air Freight Services

Air Freight Shipping Services

Over the last two decades, air freight has become one of the most popular modes in which goods are transported. Transportation of goods via air freight involves carrying goods across long distances using planes that are commercial or chartered. Depending on the size and weight of goods to be transported, a transportation company will determine which option is most viable. Air freight services are widely available in today’s market, but determining a transport company that is reliable, safe, and cost-effective can be quite a burden.

Expressway Transportation is one of the most experienced freight forwarders in the transportation industry. Established in 1986, we have gained a strong foothold in the market by strategically building relationships and creating alliances with a large network of freight and transport companies around the country. Transportation in the form of air freight or any other form involves a number of factors that need to come together for smooth and effective deliveries to take place. Expressway Transportation will help you find the right transport solutions.

To learn more about air freight transportation or to request a freight quote, contact us online.

What are the Advantages of Air Freight?

Using air freight service has numerous advantages over other forms of transport. The following are some of the different ways in which individuals can benefit from air freight service:

  • One of the most important advantages of air freight shipping, in relation to other modes of transportation, is the speed at which goods can be delivered to consignees. Road transportation or shipping can leave room for unanticipated problems. Air freight is ideal for individuals who are in need of transporting their goods quickly and in the safest possible manner. Moreover, since air travel translates to reduced delivery times, individuals can transport multiple shipments in smaller timeframes.
  • Air Freight Transport: Request a Shipping QuoteAnother important advantage of air freight shipping is reliability. Unlike road transportation, for example, flight arrival and departure timings are extremely reliable and predictable. Trucks and vehicles that transport goods by road are always susceptible to traffic, congestion, and other delays outside of their control.
  • Air freight also enables transportation companies to reduce their warehousing and storage costs. Since deliveries are speedy, there is less need to incur such expenses as goods being transported do not need to be stored in rented locations for long periods of time. This results in cost savings and reduces other logistical hassles associated with warehousing.

Expressway Transportation Can Find the Right Air Freight Service for You

As a premier freight forwarder, Expressway Transportation aims to provide all of our clients with the most professional and reliable services. Gathering freight quotes can be a challenging process for individuals who are not familiar with the agents in the transport industry. However, Expressway Transportation can save you large amounts of time and effort, while enabling you to make an informed decision. We even ensure superior customer service throughout the planning and execution stages for any shipment.

Contact Expressway Transportation for the Best Air Freight Options

If you are scouring the market for a reliable and professional air freight option, look no further than Expressway Transportation. Contact us by phone at (800) 822-4196 or learn more about air freight rates by contacting us online.

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