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Expressway is committed to providing an outstanding customer experience, to be a great place to work, and a thoughtful steward in our community. At Expressway we drive growth and customer satisfaction with our World-Class transportation services. We will passionately promote ethics and professionalism within our industry while enhancing our own competitive advantage.

Vision Statement

Being a leader in the multi-modal transportation industry by focusing on customers, our people, innovation and communication in logistical transportation solutions.

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TIA Certified Freight Transportation Company

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Claims: Managing Trucking Company Claims Made Easy

If you need to report a badly handled shipment or have had an issue with any of the services we manage, you are welcome to file a claim with us. As a leading freight forwarder dedicated to customer service, we do everything we can to help resolve any issues and replace lost or damaged goods. We will work with the trucking company on your behalf to ensure your claims are handled properly.

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When we transport and manage each shipment, we do our best to deliver high-quality services. We ensure that each transportation and trucking company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment while delivering creative solutions to meet your needs. However, accidents do happen, and we are prepared to handle any damage or loss that occurs during transportation. To learn more about filing a claim with a transportation or trucking company, call us at (800) 822-4196. You can also submit any claims-related emails to

Documents to Submit When Filing a Claim with A Trucking Company

Filing a claim requires filing of a lot of documentation. These documents are important to help the trucking company to understand the extent of the damage or losses suffered by you, and how we can help resolve the issue without taking too much time or effort from your schedule.

The following are the important documents that you must submit when filling a claim:

  • Original Bill of Lading
  • Original Paid Freight Bill
  • Carrier Inspection Report Form (Concealed loss of damage)
  • Delivery Receipt
  • Original invoice that shows the replacement cost of all the lost or damaged items

With these documents on hand, we can proceed to help you get through this process and recover your losses. If you have any issues filing your claim or questions and concerns about this process, you can email them to us at We work with leading transportation and trucking company throughout the country, and we strive to serve each of our customers to the best our ability. Helping you handle your claims submission and processing is part of our responsibility to you.

How to File Claims with A Trucking Company

Filing a claim, especially if you are doing so for the first time, can be stressful and time-consuming. We seek to make the process of filing a claim with a trucking company as simple as possible for you. With a few tips, the claims process can be simpler and less problematic.

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  • First, it is important to closely inspect all your goods both before and after the transport is carried out. Sometimes, damage may have occurred before the actual shipping. Other times, failure to notice damage upon delivery could lead to further losses for your business.
  • Second, it is vital to file claims with any trucking company as soon as possible. Never wait after finding the damage, report the losses immediately to the trucking company so that the claims process can be completed.
  • Finally, you will need to provide an accurate estimation of the loss. Assess the extent of the damage or how much of your goods have been lost and then calculate the monetary value. The faster and more efficiently you are able to take action, the simpler the process becomes.

At Expressway Transportation, we assist our customers in resolving all of their claims with any transportation or trucking company. We are here for you and your business when it really counts, and we do all that we can to move the claims faster and resolve them as quickly as possible.

Why Expressway Should Be Your Transportation & Trucking Company of Choice

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No matter what trucking company you use, filing claims is always a hassle. At Expressway Transportation, we want to make this process smooth and stress-free as possible. With us by your side, your claims will be handled efficiently and with as little time as possible. Therefore, you can trust Expressway Transportation to give you nothing but the best customer service experience.

To learn more about our services, call us now at (800) 822-4196. If you would like to file a claim today, send us an email at

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